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Best for pointed pain...if you can point to the pain, this is what you're looking for. Just rub a small amount (just enough to cover the area) and you'll begin feeling the relief from immediately to up to 10 minutes. Reapply as needed. *Note: This balm can be used on People and Pets

What does Full Spectrum mean? As its name implies, full-spectrum cannabidiol (CBD) contains the full spectrum of chemical compounds from the hemp plant. It’s important to understand that typically, full-spectrum CBD derived from hemp plants (which may include up to .3% THC) is federally legal, however we have all traces of THC removed from our raw product. That very small amount of THC isn't enough to help and only makes a user concerned, so we take that concern out of the picture.

Full-spectrum CBD is extracted from hemp plants and experiences no further refinement or processing. As a result, full-spectrum CBD offers perhaps the most potential health benefits compared to CBD isolate or broad-spectrum CBD, thanks to the interplay of cannabinoids and chemicals within our endocannabinoid system and the entourage effect.

Our full-spectrum balm offers the major cannabinoid of cannabidiol (CBD) and minor cannabinoids of cannabinol (CBN), cannabigerol (CBG), cannabichromene (CBC), terpenes, flavonoids and other plant materials alongside their host of benefits. 

The extracted full-spectrum CBD distillate is combined with organic carrier oils (hemp heart oil and MCT oil), organic beeswax, organic arrowroot powder (for that silky feel), vitamin E oil and a powerful combination of vital essential oils.  

Full Spectrum CBD Balm - 1500mg

  • Hemp Heart Seed Oil, MCT Oil, Beeswax, Full Spectrum CBD, Arrowroot Powder, Vitamin E Oil, Vital Essential Oils 

    100% Organic Ingredients

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