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I was raised in an entrepreneurial spirited family, one where we did whatever it took to keep food on the table. That included putting the youngest kid (me, aka the 30-year-old runt) to work at a very young age…7 to be exact! Then I joined the corporate world in my 20s and continued that path until 2020. That's when COVID started taking over our planet and I lost my job, and my identity. It was then that I decided to become my own boss, a lifelong dream. That's when my original skincare company, Gritz n Glitz, was born. Soon after that, I realized that making countless batches of product by hand was going to be the demise of my brand new business. Even in Gritz n Glitz's early days, when there were only a few products to create, the mixing process had already began to take a toll on my hands, wrists, and arms. I've had three carpal tunnel release surgeries and also have cubital tunnel syndrome in both elbows. And if that wasn't enough, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis a couple of years ago as well. All of this, combined with day after day of hand-mixing all of our products, was a recipe for disaster; so that's when I began looking for natural pain relief alternatives that would allow me to continue to work and grow my business. 


After extensive research and testing of a number of natural pain relief products, I decided that CBD was going to be the most natural and best avenue for me. I purchased some balm and used it for several months and decided that I wanted to try my hand at creating my very own. I conducted a blind trial, and after about six months, was ready to begin offering CBD balm to my customers. That's when CBD Naturals was born. I started with CBD Isolate balm, which is nonintoxicating and with no THC. It almost seemed too good to be true, by not just me, but my customers as well...they were raving about the relief they felt! Then, a few months later, I began testing CBD 'Full-Spectrum' balm. I had no idea that I could feel even better! CBD balm has given me my life back. Anytime I begin to feel pain or inflammation, I simply apply a small amount of my CBD balm and the pain swiftly subsides. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that, without the pain relief I get from using my CBD Balm, neither CBD Naturals nor Gritz n Glitz, or for that matter, my newest journey, Tatted UPkeep, would exist today.

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