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Nature's Way to Wellness
for You and Your Pet 


We urge you to look through our site and learn about our all-natural solution to pain and why it is rapidly becoming the preferred alternative to traditional medications among it's users. Click the button below to meet the founder of CBD Naturals and get additional insight on all the amazing benefits of CBD.


Well good morning Ladies! It is November 19 this wonderful fall day! Just wanted to drop a line, and tell you how tremendously you have blessed me with your CBD ointment. For the longest time I have been fighting with sleep. So not only do I put it on my chest and scar from my bilateral mastectomy… I also put it behind my ears when I go to bed. My chest does not hurt and I seem to have good sleep finally. Now last night I did not put it on my chest before bed, or behind my ears. I was just too tired and I went to bed. Well I woke up this morning and my Chest was letting me know ‘hey I’m gonna give you some pain this morning!’ So I just put it on and I headed to the bathroom to finish getting ready for work and I can literally feel it penetrating and getting in there! Ladies Ladies Ladies, you have no idea how great 🦋 this has been to use for the last few weeks! Thank you thank you thank you for your kindness, your compassion, and your empathy! You literally surprised my daughter and I at the Shadle craft show. The last thing I expected was somebody to show such a sweet gesture! I know you’re trying to make money, so part of me felt so guilty taking a gift from you! You Ladies are just so wonderful to have blessed me like you did! 🌞Sweet blessings and great vibrations sent your way!💗💕

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